After an incredible summer setting the european electronic scene up on fire, Kimotion are brimming with confidence and arguably working on the best music of their career so far. Summer 2016 has been a turnover for Kimotion. With several gigs all around Europe and their two tracks, “Sky” and “Tropical Emotion”, released in July on the Ushuaïa’s Sïnestesïa vol.1, Kimotion are now backed up by both Ushuaïa Ibiza Club and all the headliners for whom they played : Avicii, Robin Schulz, David Guetta, Axwell & Ingrosso, Martin Garrix and Oliver Heldens.

Kimotion are now warming up for the Winter’s season with a new single and a memorable 2017 World Tour.


Next in line to electronic dance music's elite, Kimotion come from a rich and exotic musical heritage. From a young age, brothers Andy and Charlie were introduced to the different worlds of sound by their father, who taught them guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. “He played with a lot of feeling, and he taught us that from the age of three, starting with the drums” Charlie states.


Even though learning to play music under their father’s tutelage was testing at times, they’ve carried a number of key philosophies forward from his lessons. “Our father always taught us that when you make music, you have to be perfect – perfection is still very important to us”. Their energetic live show is a testament to their years of working the live circuit: “We started directly playing on stage because when we played with our father, it was just like working. We prepared a show with our father onstage. He wanted us to work a lot, we were onstage very young.”


After deciding to name their new project Kimotion, the duo played on the impact that their fusion of styles would ultimately have on the electronic music world. “We’re sure this project will cause a commotion in the dance scene. We come from a varied background and we wanted to show a way to tie this all together”, they explain.


Using electronic music as the initial tapestry, Kimotion bring their live show to life by exhibiting their deft technical skills onstage; “It’s not exclusively electronic. We can play guitar and drums, so the possibilities are endless!”.


With this confidence matched by their optimism for the future, Kimotion are keen to share their enthusiasm for the imminent influx of new music over the coming months. Even though their prospects look bright too, the brothers keep their feet on the ground, patiently waiting for the success that awaits them: “Honestly, we couldn’t predict where we will be five or ten years from now, but we want to keep making our music, playing shows and see where this goes step by step. It’s an adventure.”



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